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Housing Programs


Overview and Applications


HACSB currently assists over 3,000 households, largely comprised of working families, seniors on fixed incomes, and persons with disabilities. 


Our housing programs are recognized locally and nationally as innovative solutions to the most critical affordable housing challenges. We address the housing needs in our community with expertise and compassion, with attention to the environment and sustainability, and provide support for our residents to reach for their potential.    

We offer the following housing programs and have additional exciting new properties in-planning or under construction.

HUD Assisted Public Housing*

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The Housing Authority owns and manages 316 units throughout the City of Santa Barbara. These apartment units are offered at affordable rents to eligible families, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Income and rent are reviewed annually.

* The Public Housing wait list is currently closed

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program*

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A rent subsidy program that assists eligible low-income persons and their families in obtaining affordable, decent, and safe housing by paying a portion of their rent. Eligible applicants locate a unit in the private rental market. Rent must be within the current allowed Payment Standards. 

*The Section 8 wait list is currently closed


Workforce Housing


The Housing Authority’s innovative Workforce Housing Program is designed to assist members of our workforce and of our community who earn up to 80% of the area median income for Santa Barbara. The program serves those who are increasingly caught in the gap between skyrocketing rents and ineligibility for other assistance.

Senior Housing


The Housing Authority has many housing opportunities for seniors.  In addition to the specifically designed senior only housing, seniors may also apply for any of our other housing programs including Public Housing and the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Garden Court



Garden Court, a 97-unit, service enhanced, senior complex offers affordable rents to income eligible seniors 62 years and older. The Garden Court is designed to primarily house seniors who have difficulty with activities such as grocery shopping, preparing meals, driving, and keeping up with housework.

*Please note that applications for Garden Court are maintained on a separate waitlist from other senior housing. 

Supportive Housing


Artisan Court - 422 E. Cota Street




Artisan Court, the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara’s latest housing community, is the agency’s newest innovation in affordable housing designed to serve some populations in the City that are underserved or not yet served. The 55-unit studio apartment development provides housing for three target groups: youth aging out of foster care, the formerly homeless, and low-income downtown workers.


***PLEASE NOTE: If you are a downtown worker and you wish to apply for Artisan Court, please complete and submit the "Workforce Housing" application.



Bradley Studios - 512 Bath Street




Built in 2012, Bradley Studios, the Housing Authority's newest addition to its affordable housing inventory, adds 54 needed affordable housing units to the City of Santa Barbara and will fill a critical housing need for low and extremely low income residents. The project also provides needed right-of-way and physical enhancements for the Lower Mission Creek Improvement project.


***PLEASE NOTE: If you are a downtown worker and you wish to apply for Bradley Studios, please complete and submit the "Workforce Housing" application.


El Carrillo - 315 W. Carrillo Street - Permanent Supportive Housing for the Homeless



An innovative and award-winning model of permanent housing for the homeless with supportive services. Bringing housing and services together in one central location at El Carrillo helps to ensure successful living for the residents and guides them toward success in life.


*Please note that applications for El Carrillo are maintained on a separate waitlist from Artisan Court and Bradley Studios.